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".......less than 24hrs from start to finish, you think quality would be a issue but no way quality of this prosthetic is 100% the finish is wow and Ian and his wife's hospitality is second to none..........."

So when a you hear lots about man and how he cares about what you want to achieve, its best to go and find out. Who is this man that makes prosthetic limbs


What an experience it is seeing Ian; from arriving it is all about me and what the leg is going to be used for. Plus with Ian he gives his ideas and is always thinking on improving parts of the prosthetic leg..  The socket is very important to me as I'm an athlete, so there's a lot of force going through stumpy so it's got to have nice fit, with no pressure at the bottom.  Ian was bang on point with the socket fitting..


With the ankle and foot there were a lot of options in his workshop. Ian came out with different parts and ideas and in the end he customised parts to fit as this leg had to be very strong due to what I do..


Once everything was laid out and measured for stumpy, everything is in Ian's hands.  I couldn't wait to see my new leg finished and I didn't have to wait long; less than 24hrs.  Normally I'm waiting a month or more from other makers.


It was a shock to be going back to collect my new robot leg.  Less than 24hrs from start to finish! You would think quality would be an issue but not at all,  quality of this prosthetic is 100% the finish is outstanding.


I'm a person that is hard to impress so to see my leg was a huge 'wow' factor from socket all the way down to the foot.. I couldn't wait to be connected to this leg.   No pain and no pressure on stumpy, I could even go outside and have a little jog.. There was also no pain on the tib and fib whilst using Ian's steps,  which has a slope to it.


Amputees having prosthetic limbs is a big thing as it changes our lifestyle, confidence and mentally impacts on ourselves and our surroundings. 


So, what can say about Limb Solutions?  They offer a 5 star service.  Ian and his wife's hospitality is second to noneCommunication and understanding outstanding. With regular phone calls and messaging to keep in touch to see how I'm coping with the leg and how I am in myself. 

This robot will be be definitely going back for more upgrades.


Big thank you Limb Solutions!

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