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Bespoke Prosthetic Solutions for all sports

Bespoke Prosthetic Solutions for leisure activities

Advanced Microprocessor lower limb solutions

Advanced Electronic hand with grip chips

Hydrographic designs to stylise your socket.

Swim Fin

High definition silicone working with Silicone Orthopaedics

Lycra finishing

 and bespoke spray finishes

Sports Prostheses for upper and lower limb

Ian is certified in the latest products such as C-leg, Genium and Genium X3, but also Otto Bock’ latest microprocessor knee joint aimed at lower activity users with the same high tech control as Genium - The NEW Kenevo knee.

Recently trained on the integrated above knee system The LINX which is the worlds only intercommunicating microprocessor knee and ankle. As used the powered ankle the BIOM  

More recently trialled the latest 3 running blades

Catapult,XT Blade and the new Cheetah Xplore 9 running blade with heel)


Not only do Limb Solutions use cutting edge technology, we also supply our own products available direct to the user

Running blades

The XT Blade